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Hi Rob,


Great work by everyone involved on this.


A few observations from a fully mapped area in OSM.


1.	Red dots seem to better reflect when two properties have become combined into a single address
2.	There are more potential addresses for new housing from the green dots, though in those same new housing areas some green dots are very clearly nowhere near an address.
3.	A former country hall and its outbuildings which were converted to individual addresses some years ago have just two red dots but all the correct green dots
4.	Generally speaking there are more red dots fitting a building outline than green dots
5.	On some streets there are patches of missing red dots (so an argument for supplementing green dots)
6.	In rural areas there a quite a number of green dots which don’t fit with anything though some are located on patches of woodland which are named.




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Ken wroote:


>My only concern is that, in an area where the addresses have already been added to OSM (esp. by survey), the tool will have to be careful to *not* recommend adding duplicate addresses.


Yes, this is also something we are aware of and working on. It is Topic 2 in my September email [1] and I have alluded to how our choice of green or red dots affects the ability to do this de-duplication filtering.


For the avoidance of doubt, the map that has been shown now is not the final product. The final project consists of a backend database that sends "potential addressable locations" (i.e. the red or green points) to a web based editing tool. I have not shown the web based editing tool yet but the process to filter out points that already have an address in OSM will happen there. Doing it this way means it is always live and up to date with OSM.


The map you are seeing now is a visualisation of the back end database. We will send the red points to the web based editing tool, but as noted this creates gaps in some locations, hence my questions around whether we should manually "pull through" some of the green points into OSM so they become available in the web based editing tool as well.


Please accept my apologies that I haven't been clear on this in my earlier emails. I've been working on this since February so I forget that I have to strip it back to basics when speaking about it!


[1] https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb/2021-September/027669.html


Thank you,


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