[Talk-GB] Golfing tags seem to conflict with walking tags

Jon Pennycook jpennycook at bcs.org.uk
Fri Nov 26 09:23:26 UTC 2021


Golfing tags for paths seem to conflict with those used for walking.  e.g.

I have noticed that a number of golf courses have paths tagged as
highway=path, foot=designated.  From my point of view, this means that any
pedestrian can use that path, but practically many of those paths are
private and not open to the general public (so if they were not paths on
golf courses, they would be tagged as foot=private or foot=permit).

If these are connected with roads or rights of way, journey planners might
send pedestrians through golf courses, which may not be desirable.  Perhaps
we need a way to tag a designated route for pedestrians that isn't open to
the general public?

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