[Talk-GB] V3 to V4 Mapillary image id migration

Kai Michael Poppe - OSM osm at poppe.dev
Sun Nov 28 16:01:05 UTC 2021

Good evening everyone,

just to bring everyone up to speed on the state of my planned automated edit of mapillary values that I had discussed on the tagging-ML.

As of today, there are 215924 distinct values in the mapillary key, of which 201773 confrom to the "old" (API version 3) ID format of 22 characters (Uppercase, lowercase, 0-9, _, -) but might still contain a website URL (either mapillary.com or some other arbitrary website).

197618 values were successfully matched to a "new" API version 4 numeric-only ID.

I have contacted KUMI Systems, who provide an Overpass instance that has no rate limits, to inform them that I'll be using their system to get a list of objects that need to be updated.

All information about what's going on are on the Wiki [1].

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me! Additionally, if you feel this message should go out to other mailing lists, please forward it to them as I might be unaware, Thanks :)

I am planning on executing the edit next weekend, though it might be pushed back due to other committments.


[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Kmpoppe/Automated_Edits/Mapillary_Update

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