[Talk-GB] Typical plants and features of grassland, heath, scrub and woodland in Britain

Tom Crocker tomcrockermail at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 20:30:57 UTC 2021

Hi fellow mappers

I was wondering if anyone has summarised how to distinguish grassland,
heath, scrub and wood and the common plants or features in Britain that
help define these for the non-botanist like me.

While many places are easy to classify (acres of heather or mature beech
trees) I'm often unsure of where to draw the line. For example, when should
I see holly and hawthorns as wood instead of scrub (if ever). Do gorse,
broom and bracken belong with heath or scrub? How about an area of brambles
or nettles?

I have seen the Heath wiki talk page about distinguishing heath and scrub
which is useful, but some of the comments are contradictory and I don't
know the Latin names to make much headway with the linked Wikipedia
articles. if no-one else has put something together I'd like to help
compile this, for my benefit if no-one else's. Of course, there would still
always be judgements to make and areas for which there's no perfect answer,
but a handy guide might ease that process.

Thanks in advance.

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