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Enock Seth Nyamador kwadzo459 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 08:51:54 UTC 2015

Good Morning,

I was in Madina, Accra for the said OpenStreetMap workshop. This was in
relation on the Accra Floods. Thanks to CodeforGhana for providing the

It was sad few of the people who registered came, but it was also good to
have a small number where I was able to go round and help.

We had mostly new mappers (students and developers) and two people from the
GIS industry, also present was a Peace Corps volunteers.

During the workshop I did a short presentation [1] on OpenStreetMap;
relating what it is, tags, users, how we use can it, responses, HOT and
OpenStreetMap Ghana. I also setup a simple task using OSM Tasking Manager
[2] to let introduce how mappers collaborate on projects.

Glad to have Sylvester around who also talked about data from OSM and his
startup MapOut Ghana.

Though it was a workshop to introduce OSM and edit. We used the time to
also discuss how we can get people involved in OSM in Ghana especially
students. Also came was we shouldn't wait for something to happen before we
start building a map.

Images from the event can be found on Facebook here [3]

1. http://www.slideshare.net/Enock4seth/openstreetmap-workshop-accra
2. http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1100
3. https://goo.gl/7T0gsp


PS: Sorry for typo.

- Enock
UMaT, Tarkwa
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