[Talk-gh] OSM in Ghana, Way forward

Bjoern Hassler bjohas at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 10:26:12 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Great suggestions and yes, it would be good to drawn on as much existing
material as possible.

Maybe we should consider who the audience(s) might be, where OSM Ghana
wants to focus effort?

*Educational activities with:*
A1. Primary school *pupils*
A2. JHS *pupils*
A3. SHS *students*

These would be morning (school time), or afternoon or maybe weekend
activities, directly with children in those schools. It would be a "science
fair" model / "enrichment model", where an external organisation (OSM)
organises something within a GoG institution (a school). This could also be
done for:

A4. College *students* (e.g. in education, but also health, etc)
A5. University *students* (geographical disciplines, health, education,
science, etc.)

*Professional Development (PD) activities:*
The latter are bordering on professional development activities, so let's
consider those next, first in education:
B1. PD activities for education professionals: University (e.g. *lecturers*
in geographical disciplines, health, education, science, etc)
B2. PD activities for education professionals: Colleges of Education
(e.g. *tutors
*in education, tutors in health)
B3. PD activities for education professionals: *Teachers* (in-service)
B4. PD activities for education professionals: Facilitators/NGOs working
with teachers or colleges

An important question is whether you would prefer o work with
pupils/students (A) or with educators (B). The PD activities for educators
(B) have the advantage that whatever you do might scale better, and reach
many more teachers/students/pupils. However, it has the disadvantage of
what's called "dilution" - you don't know how well it's going to be
implemented, so it needs very careful planning.

Moving away from them education field:
C1. PD activities for other professionals tha tmight use mapping (e.g.
people working in health, people working for NGOs), etc.
C2. Activities for the general public (out of interest)

These could all be seen as "outreach" activities: OSM Ghana interacting
with other professionals. Looking even more broadly, one might look at how
these are balanced with other activities of OSM Ghana, such as
- recruiting people to contribute to OSM Ghana as an organisation.
Especially A4/A5 and perhaps C1/C2 could be very useful in that regard;
- working with government and non-governmental organisations to promote the
release of data.

Anyway - the list isn't exhaustive, and perhaps you've already had much of
this wider discussion! Some concrete ideas:

With A3/SHS (SMP, GH), it could be good to partner with other
organisations, and I have contacts with the science centres, and
http://www.ghanacodeclub.org/. You also mentioned "Code for Ghana" - do you
have a link? I'd also suggest that we should find some teachers, so that we
can start by trialling some ideas with them. It's really important to have
teachers on board.

I do also think that working at University/College level (A4/A5) could be
very interesting, especially as it may help to build OSM Ghana as an

Finally, for working in school, curriculum alignment is a good thing, so we
could have a look through the primary / JHS / SHS / College curriculum to
see where topics could be drawn upon. As a super-tiny example, we made
reference to mapping / field papers on p. 116 in one of our PD guides for

There's a picture from field papers, and the text says:

*Maps and Scales (Social Sciences - FDC 118)*
*Write down ‘Three Things We Know, Three Things We Do not Know’ about map
*Reference: 2014 DBE Introduction to Foundations of Social Studies, FDC
118, Unit 5, p. 289.*

Shall we start a wiki page to record some ideas?

(Not in Ghana at the moment, but should be around fairly soon.)

On 24 June 2016 at 11:41, Sylvester Adjapong <adjapongs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Great, we dont need to start from scratch i believe. I have good knowledge
> in developing workbook and step by step program outline but i also believe
> there are enough resources outside that we just need to adapt to the
> settings in Ghana. Would be in Accra tonight and i can meet with any of you
> on Saturday or Sunday or we can all agree and schedule a Skype meeting so
> we all dialogue and share ideas.
> I believe we need to engage more and start somewhere. Field papers are off
> great help. For the street naming exercise i was part in Ghana, we didnt
> use field papers cause most of the places where not mapped out and we had
> satellite images :) available so we just grid them out and print for our
> field work.
> We need more of mapathons to guide the younger ones and its the most
> convenient way to learn mapping as you get to interact with the tutors or
> mappers available
> Cheers,
> Sylvester
> *"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power
> of God"  - 1 Corinthians 2:5 KJV*
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> <https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvester-adjapong-287422a2?trk=hp-identity-name>
>   <http://instagram.com/sylvesteradjapong>
> On 23 June 2016 at 21:30, Alert Bouterse <alert at bouterse.com> wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> I think, there are some basic materials needed to educate jhs or shs
>> schools in Ghana. Ofcorse, I  not a Ghanaian, neither have I attended
>> classes in Ghana, but I think we need to develop offline educational
>> trainings, like a workbook and how to work with field papers. Building a
>> map in a correct way is 80 % field work and 20 % online work
>> Second, on the schools might not enough computers on internet available
>> for everyone to work with.
>> Let's not reinvent the wheel but search for existing materials, like
>> workbooks. Maybe it needs a little adaption to work with it in Ghana, but
>> it will save a lot of time and energy.
>> How do you feel about my suggestion?
>> Hear you soon.
>> Grt. Alert
>> Op 23 jun. 2016 23:02 schreef "Enock Seth Nyamador" <kwadzo459 at gmail.com
>> >:
>> Good Evening Mappers,
>> Bjoern, Sorry your message was locked in moderation.
>> Glad to see the participation on this thread. As Bjorn said, is really a
>> steep slope getting started and understanding OpenStreetMap tagging system
>> by oneself.
>> TeachOSM [1] has a great info on taking OSM to classroom. Documentation
>> is really key when it comes to OSM related projects both on Wiki, such as
>> this [2] and off-wiki, one great example is Ramani Huria [3]
>> Talking about tagging once again, I understand even GIS professionals
>> find it frustrating sometimes how editing OSM in the beginning works due to
>> the all elements one one layer stuff.
>> Sylvester, physical meeting are really difficult sometimes, personally I
>> express myself through the keyboard best ;). Thanks for digging that draft
>> out.
>> Bjoern, I don't think so, Overpass data can be exported to shapefiles and
>> polished in a QGIS or any other GIS software. Field Papers is a great tool
>> on it's that needs a closer look at in GH. I've used it personally once.
>> Amadu, Severin, Lexy and Emmanuel can comment on what they've accomplished
>> with Field Papers[4]. There lot of comprehensive tutorials on OSM I know,
>> not to forget [5] of but most people like to be guided by someone, this is
>> where mapathons come in.
>> I am thinking T-Tel should come up with what to be done and we draw the
>> structure and how to implement it. What you say?
>> Looking forward to hearing from you. And thanks for offering to connect
>> us to your networks.
>> Best,
>> 1. http://teachosm.org/en/intro/whyteach
>> 2. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Philippines/Mapping_conventions
>> 3. http://ramanihuria.org/resources/
>> 4. http://fieldpapers.org/
>> 5. learnosm.org
>> - Enock
>> On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Alert Bouterse <alert at bouterse.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Silvester, thanks for your enthusiasm. Meeting wil be a bit difficult,
>>> cause I am living in the Netherlands, but we can "meet" on this medium.
>>> Greetings,
>>> Alert
>>> Op 22 jun. 2016 20:13 schreef "Sylvester Adjapong" <adjapongs at gmail.com
>>> >:
>>> Wow , this is interesting, just last year as i sat with Enoch to draft a
>>> proposal on mapping in education.
>>> We can meet and have in-depth discussion on this but hey! guys, you can
>>> read what we put down a year ago so we can get the conversation started.
>>> Ideas worth sharing......Thanks
>>> Sample of drafted proposal______________________
>>> The School Mapping Project, Ghana (SMP, GH)  is a non-profit initiative
>>> co-founded and started by Sylvester Adjapong (Founder, MapOut Ghana) and
>>> Enock Seth Nyamador (Openstreetmap Lead, Ghana). It is a project-based,
>>> service-learning oriented program that provides students with skills and
>>> technical know-how on the importance of mapping and how to contribute to
>>> mapping their schools and environment using OpenStreetMap (OSM) and other
>>> open source softwares to help contribute to the development of open data
>>> and their  communities and country at large.
>>> At its heart, SMP, Ghana is a coordinated effort with Code for Ghana to
>>> provide today’s students with a fun-packed educational atmosphere that
>>> allows them to gain insight into their own abilities to acquire and use
>>> mapping information, solve problems and develop valuable experience from
>>> mapping and learning about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using
>>> OpenStreetMap (OSM).
>>> Our goal is to reach out to 100 schools in the 10 regions of Ghana by
>>> the end of 2016 and as such your school has been selected based on our
>>> selection criteria.
>>> _______________________________________________________________________
>>> This is just a sample of what we wrote for the proposal to send to
>>> schools!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Sylvester
>>> *"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the
>>> power of God"  - 1 Corinthians 2:5 KJV*
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>>> On 22 June 2016 at 16:56, Alert Bouterse <alert at bouterse.com> wrote:
>>>> I love is when all things comes together 😉
>>>> Thanks Bjoern for your reply and your offer to use your network,
>>>> knowledge and scales.
>>>> My knowledge of  editing maps is not too deep yet, more basic. But the
>>>> reason why I was thinking about SHS, is the sometimes complexity of editing
>>>> the details. I have not even found a good leaning book about making OSM
>>>> maps. also courses are difficult to find. But maybe the JHS can start with
>>>> simple things as making the streets, giving the streets a name and placing
>>>> landmarks. With a educational paper / workbook, I think it should be
>>>> possible. than SHS schools can maybe dig deeper, like nodes, buildings,
>>>> ect.
>>>> What does the other mappers think about this?
>>>> Hope to hear you soon.
>>>> Alert
>>>> 2016-06-22 9:08 GMT+02:00 Bjoern Hassler <bjohas at gmail.com>:
>>>>> Hi Alert, hi Sylvester, hi Enock, hi all,
>>>>> Good to read your posts. About me: I am in Ghana part time, to support
>>>>> the www.t-tel.org programme. T-TEL is a government of Ghana programme
>>>>> that supports the 40 GoG Colleges of Education, with some 1,800 tutors and
>>>>> 40k+ students. My role is to support professional development of those
>>>>> tutors, to improve education outcomes for student teachers, and ultimately
>>>>> for pupils. Our outputs are Open Educational Resources under CC BY-SA, see
>>>>> http://oer.t-tel.org
>>>>> It could be interesting to do something aimed at tutors, to support
>>>>> them in teaching their education students. The student teachers will teach
>>>>> in primary and JHS, but there is still scope for mapping. If you're
>>>>> interested in SHS, I've also got some contact with the science centres that
>>>>> work with SHSs.
>>>>> More generally, "mapping in education" would be a good area in my
>>>>> opinion.
>>>>> Maybe we could collaborate on creating some documentation in the first
>>>>> place, perhaps on the OSM wiki? For example (despite good technology
>>>>> background) I struggled in finding the right tags, and building the right
>>>>> relationships between objects. It would be good to e.g. have a guide called
>>>>> "mapping your school", that explained what nodes/ways/relationships to use.
>>>>> Ideally this would use a range of editors (online, tablet based, desktop
>>>>> based).
>>>>> Another guide that would be useful is "creating printable maps". For
>>>>> example I tried to create a map of the 40 colleges. The best option seemed
>>>>> to be overpass, but export is limited to png. Of course e.g. Field papers
>>>>> can produce an atlas, by not sure about configuration options. In my view
>>>>> it would be desirable to have a guide that shows how
>>>>> teachers/tutors/lectures can easily produce printable maps, configured to
>>>>> show elements relevant to the lesson taught, such as environmental features
>>>>> (e.g. rivers and wetlands) vs. political features (e.g. districts) vs.
>>>>> infrastructure (e.g. power stations and power lines)... It's not clear to
>>>>> me how to do that (if indeed it's possible), and at least a clear tutorial
>>>>> is needed.
>>>>> Once we have this, we could trial the documentation in education
>>>>> institutions, and work with teachers/tutors/lectures on "lesson ideas",
>>>>> that can be written down and used to engage more teachers/tutors/lectures.
>>>>> I'd be very happy to contribute to writing/testing and the education
>>>>> side in general. It would be good to have some people with in-depth OSM
>>>>> experience on board too, so we can recommend the right tools.
>>>>> All the best,
>>>>> Bjoern
>>>>> On 21 Jun 2016 5:03 am, "Sylvester Adjapong" <adjapongs at gmail.com>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Alert Bouterse,
>>>>>> Thanks for your feedback, OSM Ghana has a project coming up that
>>>>>> aligns with your idea stated.
>>>>>> We will keep you posted if anything.
>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>> Sylvester
>>>>>> *SYLVESTER ADJAPONG © 2016*
>>>>>> *"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the
>>>>>> power of God"  - 1 Corinthians 2:5 KJV*
>>>>>> <https://www.facebook.com/NANAsilky.jnr>
>>>>>> <https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvester-adjapong-287422a2?trk=hp-identity-name>
>>>>>>   <http://instagram.com/sylvesteradjapong>
>>>>>> On 20 June 2016 at 22:47, Alert Bouterse <alert at bouterse.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> Dear mappers,
>>>>>>> I have I idea already for years, how to enlarge the group of
>>>>>>> mappers. It starts with the youth. I wass thinking about contacting schools
>>>>>>> ( SHS) as a guest lesson (Geography) about awareness of a needing  good map
>>>>>>> and teach them how to edit there own environment. Starting with paper
>>>>>>> prints and filling the details. And then as a next step, how to edit the
>>>>>>> map. My only problem is that I don't live in Ghana. That way you can make
>>>>>>> the youth enthusiastic about our goal and let the number of volunteers grow.
>>>>>>> I saw some material to use to teach on http://learnosm.org/en/
>>>>>>> Hope to hear you're vision on this.
>>>>>>> Greetings,
>>>>>>> Alert Bouterse
>>>>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>>> Op 18 jun. 2016 23:46 schreef "Enock Seth Nyamador" <
>>>>>>> kwadzo459 at gmail.com>:
>>>>>>> Good Evening Mappers,
>>>>>>> Hope this finds you all in good health. I can say we're almost 30+
>>>>>>> on this list and is because of a common goal; Open Geodata through
>>>>>>> OpenStreetMap platform and beyond.
>>>>>>> OpenStreetMap as I know is not all about the map data but also
>>>>>>> community; the people who make the maps, this got me into sending OSM
>>>>>>> messages to users who have mapped in Ghana.
>>>>>>> Over this week, myself and other mappers have been thinking out how
>>>>>>> to we can grow OpenStreetMap Ghana as a community and whole. As a community
>>>>>>> what do we need or need to do; organize mapathons, projects, what problems
>>>>>>> can we solve with data from OSM, etc.
>>>>>>> Which organizations to partner with? I believe there are companies
>>>>>>> and users in Ghana who use data from OSM but just don't know how to give
>>>>>>> back not that the're not willing.
>>>>>>> Communities needs leaders (not political as in Ghana :D).
>>>>>>> Let's keep the discussion going.
>>>>>>> OSM Regards,
>>>>>>> - Enock
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