[Talk-gh] Advice on Import of Ghana District Boundaries

Enock Seth Nyamador kwadzo459 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 19:19:23 UTC 2017

​​​​Hello All,

Sorry for cross posting. Copying Talk-GH​.​

Am Enock from Ghana. OSM contributor. I've read the import guidelines and
know very well about them. Here is an issue I will like a bit of
clarification and community's take on.

Ghana has admin boundaries for districts, 216 of them​.[1] ​Personally I
think it should be available to the public at no cost or​ under any
copyright since it has been created by a government agency. From​ ​data
(​mostly shapefiles​) I've c​o​me across relating to this, there ​seems​ to
be no valid metadata ​about what/who/when and Ghana's Open data portal​​[2]
doesn't have anything on this​ ​either​​.​

Taking a look at this [3​] and the​ir respective​ source​s as Wikipedia.​
My question here is​n't this enough to go ahead and document an import of
​these districts of Ghana based on Wikipedia since there already exist
data​ in OSM​ based on this? If yes or no, why and what do you recommend?

Looking forward to your views on this.


   1.     ​https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Districts_of_Ghana​
   2.     ​data.gov.gh​
   3.     ​http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/s1e​

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