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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 3 07:31:34 GMT 2010

Passing along this fairly urgent request for road obstruction data.

* How complete is OSM data on road obstructions, based on latest available imagery?
* Can anyone set up an extract on this feature type? (or general way to extract any feature type)
* The thread on CrisisMappers has more info on other sources of data, and new imagery coming out.


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Hi all -

We've had a request from our field team for the most current data showing
road obstructions, e.g. through landslides or fallen buildings, at a
national level for Haiti. Ideally each location would be given a source and
a date. Can anyone advise on the best place to look please?

I've seen the obstacles layer here (http://haiti.openstreetmap.nl/) but
don't know how to extract this as a data layer.

BTW: this is where the value of good attribution/tags really shows; the
developments here are very welcome:

I'd also like to say that our field team has been making much use of the
excellent OSM roads data (via Geofabrik) for in situ mapping for SAR teams,
UNOCHA, aid agencies and in responding to specific location requests - it's
much appreciated on the ground.

Thanks and best wishes,

Nick McWilliam
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Obstructions are in a separate layer. Yellow x's in this app.


See the link for the key in the lower left.


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