[Talk-ht] Publicize OSM Haiti to French speaking users

Vincent Auvigne vincent.auvigne at ekipaj.com
Fri Feb 19 15:00:43 GMT 2010

Jean-Guilhem and I, have been speaking together on how to publicize OSM
Haiti to French speaking persons involved in Haiti (Haitian people, Haitian
government, NGO.). The point is how to inform people who firstly could have
an interest in using OSM and secondly could help to improve the map (by
mapping or asking for useful features).


First we will send a message to our personal networks. In this message we
want to give an email address to receive feedbacks, questions, requests.
This address should be working as a mailing list in order that all the OSM
volunteers interested in this action be able to receive an answer to the


 Do you think that:

-          This address can talk-ht at openstreetmap.org (but is it possible
for a non member to send a message, and will not the non-French speaking
members be bored by those messages)

-          We have to create something like talk-ht-fr at openstreetmap.org

-          We need other solution






Vincent Auvigne


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