[Talk-ht] Haiti Extracts/Imagery and Other Resources

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Fri Jun 18 19:09:14 BST 2010

Hey All,

Just an FYI that I'm cleaning out the Haiti response area of the wiki
today and removing resources that aren't being actively maintained.

There is a huge amount of people both using OSM data and creating it,
this is at both from International actors, National ones and
communities.  This includes the national mapping agency who helps
facility many of the trains and UN groups as well.  A lot of the
resources put up immediately after the earthquake are not being
maintained so I'm going to remove them from the wiki.

People are using this data everyday to do surveys, there are at least
12 teams go out everyday and we have trained over 100 other people.

If I removed something in error please just add it back.



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