[Talk-ht] Collective assessment of need for public high-res imagery of Chile

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Wed Mar 3 04:55:26 GMT 2010

Dear all,

Satellite image providers are apparently holding off high-res images of 
Chile from public access.

This is an attempt at a collective assessment of need.

Based on your knowledge of the situation in Chile, and possibly of your 
experience mapping Haiti thanks to publicly available high-res imagery,

could you please write up your testimony or assessment of need for 
public high-res images of Chile ?

Think that you are writing for a journalist so:

- try to keep it short, because he (or she) is often in a hurry,

- be simple, because he may not be a specialist of mapping or of 
satellite images,

- give specific examples or facts.

Send your assessment of need to hot at openstreetmap.org and 
crisismappers-chile at googlegroups.com .



Chile earthquake imagery that can currently be used by OpenStreetMap for 


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