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Apologies in advance if this duplicates some efforts or prior posts - too
much to keep track of right now (Haiti, Chile, classes, and paying projects
- argh!!!).  We played with a new product today that may be of interest to
the groups working in Haiti and are concerned about the coming rains and IDP
camp locations.  We grabbed the 1-m RIT/World Bank DEM and derived 1-m, 5-m,
and 10-m contours.  We also used the DEM to generate a hillshade.  The
hillshade was layed in as the base layer and the GeoEye imagery layed on top
with partial transparency - this gives a 3-D effect to the imagery.  We
stacked on top of that the contour, OSM, and MINUSTAH data to round things
out.  Have a look at let us know what you think.

See the IDP_18QYF84865184.pdf file (please save locally before opening -
18MB) at:


These are also fairly easy to use some common-sense analysis with - count
the number of grid squares up slope, pay attention to slope/contour line
density, look at the vegetation in the photo, and one can get a decent feel
for runoff potential into camps.

Apologies for it not being a TerraGo GeoPDF and just a standard GeoPDF - we
lose compression and some of the detail when we go this route - TerraGo
choked on this thing and we're puzzling through it now.

Additional comments are welcomed, and if there's interest, I can put my
advanced class on making some more if someone from UN OCHA or similar wants
to help with prioritizing requests.


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