[Talk-ht] Haiti: extended high res imagery, hurricane Tomas, and cholera

Pierre Beland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 2 01:44:53 GMT 2010

On the Haiti Earthquake Map page (http://hyperquad.telascience.org/haiti3/), it is possible to select many layers simultaneously to show adjacent tiles. The resolution of these tiles is generally very good. I can go up to zoom=18.

Below is the rule to show these maps with JOSM wms tool, where LAYERS = name of the layers to show, If more than one layer is requested to show simultaneously adjacent Map Tiles, the Layer Names are separeted by a comma).

The rule is

Examples :



Pierre Beland 

De : Jean-Guilhem Cailton 
Date/heure : 2010-11-01  12:00:35 
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Sujet : [Talk-ht] Haiti: extended high res imagery, hurricane Tomas,and cholera 
The high resolution satellite imagery that was available after the 
earthquake and hosted at Telascience, is available online again. It also 
includes imagery that was not available then (as far as I know), notably 
many Quickbird images.
It can be browsed on this page:
And used as WMS layer(s) from this URL:
(use with the Edit/Preferences/WMS/Add dialog in JOSM)
Thanks to Winkey and all those who made this possible.
Hurricane Tomas is forecast to go over Haiti by the end of the week, 
with strong winds and heavy rains:
Southern regions are exposed to be hit by the hurricane in its full 
This UNOCHA situation report describes hurricane preparations, and the 
on-going cholera response:
This might be a good time to extend and complete basic OSM mapping 
(roads, villages, rivers, ...), that was mostly focused on the area hit 
by the earthquake, and was already useful to the relief effort.
Best wishes,
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