[Talk-ht] River system analysis tool for Haiti

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Sun Oct 24 00:34:38 BST 2010


Jocelyn has setup a page showing the tributaries network for Haiti, 
updated from hourly updates if all works well:


For waterways to appear in it, they have to be represented by relations, 
and tagged according to the scheme described in:

i.e. with tributaries appearing as members of the destination relation, 
with role=tributary, and being themselves relations if they have their 
own tributaries.

(I have just learned how to add a relation as member of another relation 
in JOSM:
- double click the tributary relation in the relations panel, it should 
appear in pink in the main editing area;
- single click the destination relation;
- click on the "Modify relation" button).

It is also considered to maybe adapt the page
(originally authored by Sly, and currently using ways only, not relations)
to build the network from topology information and display it in a table.

Many thanks to Jocelyn (and Frodrigo for discussion).


News from biosurveillance do not sound good, with
"Confirmation of Cholera at Multiple Sites in Port au Prince"

An extract from yesterday IFRC Information bulletin:
"A team of epidemiologists from the Department of Public Health and 
Population (MSPP) was mobilized to
Artibonite to analyze samples taken from several patients to identify 
the causative agent of the acute
diarrhoea outbreak. As a result of these analyses, the Ministry 
confirmed that Vibrio cholerae is causing the
outbreak and that the source of the contamination is the river."

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