[Talk-ht] Using OSM in schools (education) & Haiti ICT in Education Summit: His Excellency Michel Martelly grand opening, Jeffrey Sachs to deliver Keynote | Port-au-Prince, 16-18 June, 2011

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Thanks for the post: this sounds like an excellent opening for OSM in Haiti
and surely a place to be for some of the more active members of COSMHA.
I had been using the contents of the HOT/OSM Haiti
by HOT & COSMHA in our capacity building missions & training activites
within the French Academics:  at Bachelor of Arts/ Master in GIS/Geography
in university/Engineer schools. Like in Haiti, it was very practical and
well received.
We had been engaged in a long discussion with Jean-Marie Theodat (cc on this
email) to build similar courses at the Haiti State University within a AUF
(Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) project and with other actors
(National Mapping Agency) to be sure that the OSM component be included in
GIS/cartographic/surveying courses.
This can form some basis for the contents of possible osm curricula in
primary/secondary education.
COMSHA could be a great training force for such a program and HOT contribute
in the design of those curricula with other relevant partner organizations
This ICT summit can be an excellent way to move this plan critical for the
sustainability of the OSM project in Haiti and the generalization of an open
approach to geography (data/curricula/software) in Haiti

Merci pour le post : cela semble etre une excellente opportunite pour OSM en
Haiti et un evenement majeur pour les plus actifs de COSMHA.
J'ai utilise en France a un niveau licence/master au sein d'universites et
d'ecole d'ingenieurs le kit de formation haiti
par HOT et COSMHA en Haiti : pratique et efficace il est bien recu.

Nous sommes engages dans une longue discussion avec Jean-Marie Theodat de
l'Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) pour construire a partir de
ces elements un cursus survey/sig integres dans les cursus de geographie de
l'Universite d'Etat Haitienne (UEH) ainsi qu'avec d'autres acteurs du
secteur formation professionnelle (Centre National Information Geographique
et Spatiale/ CNIGS) pour integrer des elements OSM dans les formations
Ces elements peuvent servir de base ou fournir des contenus a de possibles
cursus a destination des secteurs d'enseignement primaire ou secondaire.
COSMHA serait en mesure de fournir une force de formation importante pour
l'implementation de ce projet et HOT pourrait de concert avec d'autres
organisations partenaires intervenir dans la conception de ces cursus.
Ce sommet sur les TIC semble une excellent opportunite pour aller de l'avant
et ajouter une pierre a la construction de la soutenabilite du projet OSM
sur Haiti par la generalisation d'une approche libre et ouverte de la
geographie (donnees/ cursus/ logiciel...)

Mèsi pou mande: sa sanble yon bon opòtinite pou OSM an Ayiti ak yon gwo
evènman yo pou yo pi aktif nan COSMHA.
Mwen te itilize an Frans te yon nivo lisans / Master nan vant pou inivèsite
ak lekòl pou enjenyè nan twous pou fòmasyon haiti hot.osm itilize HOT ak
COSMHA an Ayiti: ki pratik epi ki efikas, li se byen resevwa.
Nou angaje yo nan yon long diskisyon avèk Jean-Marie Theodat pou Ajans
Inivèsitè la Francophonie (AUF) pou konstwi te pati sa yo eleman yon cursus
survey / sig patisipe nan cursus pou geographie nan Inivèsite Leta Ayisyen (
UEH) ansanm avèk lòt aktè nan sektè fòmasyon pwofesyonèl (Sant Nasyonal
Enfòmasyon Geographique ak Spatiale / CNIGS) pou entegrasyon eleman OSM yo
nan fòmasyon dispensees.
Eleman sa yo ka sèvi de baz yo, oswa bay content gen ki posib cursus te
destinasyon nan sektè edikasyon primè oswa segondè.
COSMHA ta an mezi pou bay yon fòs pou fòmasyon enpòtan pou implementation
pou pwojè sa yo ak HOT ka nan konsè ak lòt òganizasyon patnè entèveni nan
konsepsyon sa yo cursus.
Sa yo sou tèt mòn yo TIC sanble yon bon opòtinite pou ale nan anvan epi
ajoute yon wòch yo te konstwi nan soutenabilite pwojè OSM sou Ayiti nan
jeneralize pou yon apwòch ki lib epi ki louvri nan geographie (done / cursus
/ lojisyèl. ..)


2011/6/15 Jaakko Helleranta.com <jaakko at helleranta.com>

> Hi all,
> Two things:
> 1) Would someone happen to know of examples on using OSM in the classroom /
> as part of primary or secondary education curricula anywhere in the world?
> It seems that I'll be presenting some (hopefully!) practical thoughts using
> open source / "2.0" tools and adopting an Open approach in shaping the
> future of Haiti's education system in an upcoming Haiti ICT in Education
> Summit this upcoming weekend together with a vice-dean of a local college
> (ESIH) and I have planned OSM to be one of my three pet examples of how kids
> could do something that would be not only interesting but even (at
> best/possibly) useful outside the class room. ... I hope that there's some
> reality-base in my plans/thinking!
> As a background note: The thing started with my "all school kids in Haiti
> should participate in mapping their neighborhood -- and there's no reason
> they couldn't do that" suggestion/claim/statement.
> So, now I've been / am looking for any examples from real life and highly
> appreciate any/every tip.
> Of what I've found the following blog points to most interesting examples
> even though they are OLPC-centric. http://52north.org/GeospatialLearning/
> This project presented at SOTM last year (
> http://rieffel.fuse-board.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/SOTM10-Rieffel.pdf
> )
> There are some OLPCs in Haiti (albeit a great number was lost/destroyed in
> the earth quake, I've been told) so that path is possible.
> I'd like to look at using Walking-Papers and other "normal" OSM
> stuff/methods more, though.
> Anyways: All thoughts regarding using OSM "in the classroom" or as part of
> education in any other way are most welcome!
> 2) In case someone who is in Haiti is interested and has the possibility to
> participate in the Summit please find the invitation below register at the
> event website accessible via http://j.mp/haiti-ictinedusummit
> Or if you know people who could be interested, please pass on the
> invitation below.
> .. and in case you are not well enough connected to register on Wednesday
> or are connected via mobile only let me know if you'd want to attend and
> I'll register you (registration doesn't seem to work with at least some
> mobile browsers).
> Cheers,
> -Jaakko
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> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Dear all you change makers,
> For those interested about the future of education in Haiti, please find
> below an invitation to Haiti ICT in Education Summit _this week_ starting
> Thursday evening with an opening by President Martelly, ending Saturday
> afternoon at the Montana Hotel, hosted by the Inter-American Development
> Bank IDB & the Ministry of Education.
> I'm passing on the invitation behalf of Fabiano, the organizer who was
> delighted about the possibility to get more forward thinking people to the
> event.
> The agenda and invitation in English and French are attached as PDF.
> If you are interested to join please note that you _must_ register to the
> event by tomorrow! To do that go to http://j.mp/haiti-ictinedusummit and
> click Registration on the left.
> If you know other change makers that may be interested about the event
> please do pass on the email to them.
> Sorry for the late notice - hope to see you at the summit!
> Cheers,
> -Jaakko
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