[Talk-ht] Using OSM in schools (education) & Haiti ICT in Education Summit: His Excellency Michel Martelly grand opening, Jeffrey Sachs to deliver Keynote | Port-au-Prince, 16-18 June, 2011

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Walking Papers have been used in high school settings: http://localground.org/
Though not directly contributing to OSM ... however an exercise like that, 
simply mapping in a very general, non-geographic way, could be a good start.

Mostly otherwise, I've seen university settings, which shouldn't be that 
different than normal OSM workshops in form. Younger kids are going to need a 
different, more careful approach in my opinion, but shouldn't end up in the same 
place eventually.

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Subject: Using OSM in schools (education) & Haiti ICT in Education Summit: His 
Excellency Michel Martelly grand opening, Jeffrey Sachs to deliver Keynote | 
Port-au-Prince, 16-18 June, 2011

Hi all,

Two things:

1) Would someone happen to know of examples on using OSM in the classroom / as 
part of primary or secondary education curricula anywhere in the world? 
It seems that I'll be presenting some (hopefully!) practical thoughts using open 
source / "2.0" tools and adopting an Open approach in shaping the future of 
Haiti's education system in an upcoming Haiti ICT in Education Summit this 
upcoming weekend together with a vice-dean of a local college (ESIH) and I have 
planned OSM to be one of my three pet examples of how kids could do something 
that would be not only interesting but even (at best/possibly) useful outside 
the class room. ... I hope that there's some reality-base in my plans/thinking!

As a background note: The thing started with my "all school kids in Haiti should 
participate in mapping their neighborhood -- and there's no reason they couldn't 
do that" suggestion/claim/statement.

So, now I've been / am looking for any examples from real life and highly 
appreciate any/every tip.
Of what I've found the following blog points to most interesting examples even 
though they are OLPC-centric. http://52north.org/GeospatialLearning/
This project presented at SOTM last year 
There are some OLPCs in Haiti (albeit a great number was lost/destroyed in the 
earth quake, I've been told) so that path is possible. 
I'd like to look at using Walking-Papers and other "normal" OSM stuff/methods 
more, though.

Anyways: All thoughts regarding using OSM "in the classroom" or as part of 
education in any other way are most welcome!

2) In case someone who is in Haiti is interested and has the possibility to 
participate in the Summit please find the invitation below register at the event 
website accessible via http://j.mp/haiti-ictinedusummit 
Or if you know people who could be interested, please pass on the invitation 
.. and in case you are not well enough connected to register on Wednesday or are 
connected via mobile only let me know if you'd want to attend and I'll register 
you (registration doesn't seem to work with at least some mobile browsers).


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Dear all you change makers,

For those interested about the future of education in Haiti, please find below 
an invitation to Haiti ICT in Education Summit _this week_ starting Thursday 
evening with an opening by President Martelly, ending Saturday afternoon at the 
Montana Hotel, hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank IDB & the Ministry 
of Education.

I'm passing on the invitation behalf of Fabiano, the organizer who was delighted 
about the possibility to get more forward thinking people to the event. 

The agenda and invitation in English and French are attached as PDF.

If you are interested to join please note that you _must_ register to the event 
by tomorrow! To do that go to http://j.mp/haiti-ictinedusummit and click 
Registration on the left.

If you know other change makers that may be interested about the event please do 
pass on the email to them.

Sorry for the late notice - hope to see you at the summit!

jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta * Mobile: +509-37-269154  * 

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From: Teixeira da Cruz, Fabiano <fabianot at iadb.org>
Date: 2011/6/13
Subject: [UPDATES] Haiti ICT in Education Summit: His Excellency Michel Martelly 
grand opening, Jeffrey Sachs to deliver Keynote | Port-au-Prince, 16-18 June, 
To: ict4e <ict4e at iadb.org>

Haïti ICT in Education Summit, Port-au-Prince
Harnessing the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and 
Innovation to Enhance the Relevance and Quality of Education
-- Men anpil, chay pa lou. (Many hands lighten the load.) - Haitian proverb
Date: 16-18 June, 2011
Venue: Hôtel Montana, Rue Franck Cardozo, Port-au-Prince 6119, Haïti
The Haitian Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MENFP) and 
the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are
pleased to invite you to a summit on ICT in Education in Haiti from 16-18 June, 
2011 in Port-au-Prince with the hopes of collectively supporting the MENFP in 
the definition of a cohesive National Education Technology strategy to support 
the Plan Opérationnel 2010-2015 (Haiti's National Plan of Education).

The Summit grand opening and welcome reception with His Excellency Michel J. 
Martelly, President of Haiti, and the IDB's country Representative in 
Haiti, Eduardo Almeida, will take place on the June 16th 2011 at Hotel Montana, 
followed by a social networking reception and cocktail. Also, in this 
opportunity, the MENFP will be celebrating the closing of a 
three-day invitation-only Policy Workshop on ICT in Education, being held from 
June 14-16 2011 in Port-au-Prince.
The Summit is open to members of international organizations, NGOs, academic 
researchers, education experts, policy makers and professionals. Participants 
will have the opportunity to discuss the future directions for policy, practice 
and research of ICT for Education in Haiti.
Please find attached the updated Agenda and a detailed Invitation to the event.
We very much hope you can join us for what promises to be a lively, entertaining 
and interactive discussion.
The registration is open only until June 15, 2011 -- Don’t miss out!
To register for the Summit, please complete the registration form available 
online and submit it no later than June 15, 2011. 
Should you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact 
us. Due to the limited number of seats, our request to each of you is to 
register for the event as early as possible. Also, due to security reasons, the 
hotel will NOT allow anybody who is NOT registered to attend the Event.
Event website: http://j.mp/iiK5CS
Yours Sincerely,

Fabiano Cruz
Sr. Technology Advisor
Education Division
Inter-American Development Bank
Mobile: +1 202-812-9412
Ext.: +1 202-623-1554
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