[Talk-ht] Haiti tap-tap (public transportation) routes starting to show up

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Fri Sep 2 20:43:29 BST 2011

As Sebastien informed in his email
Haitian OSM community has started to map the local bus (tap-tap) routes in

Thanks to Michael's
found out that Ieskok's OpenMap.lt (
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ieskok/OpenMap) is already showing
the routes that have been mapped.

A shortlink to the Port-au-Prince area in OpenMap.lt with transit layer
enabled is http://j.mp/pap-transport

Especially if Ienskok is reading this: THANKS from Haiti on behalf of today's
"Friday mappers"<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Haiti/Mapping_meetups#Vendredi_2ieme_Septembre_.289.2F2.29>
And thanks to others on the tips, too.

Any thoughts from anyone regarding similar mapping projects are most
welcomed here. We've found Mikel's mention of the Matatu Mapping
http://www.slideshare.net/mikel_maron/osm-transport/32 already (but haven't
looked into it much).


--- en kreole ---

Kòm Sebastien enfòme nan yè imel l 'gen ayisyen OSM kominote a te kòmanse
kat jeyografik otobis lokal la (tiyo-tiyo) wout nan OSM.

Mèsi a pwent Michael sa a, mwen te jwenn deyò ki OpenMap.lt Ieskok a (
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ieskok/OpenMap) se deja ki montre
wout yo ki te trase.

Yon shortlink nan zòn nan Pòtoprens nan OpenMap.lt ak transpò piblik kouch
pèmèt se http://j.mp/pap-transport

Espesyalman si Ienskok se lekti sa a: TOO ki soti Ayiti sou non "kartograf
Vandredi" jodi a! Ak mèsi yo bay lòt moun sou konsèy yo, tou.


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