[Talk-ht] Tip to Problem re-activating Natcom data plan

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Mer 21 Mar 18:21:42 GMT 2012

Salut tous,

Since there is an increasing number of people on this list using a Natcom data connection in a way or another related to mapping activities here's a little tip for fixing the problem of re-activating a data plan (eg. Brian and I have both tried to re-activate without success - getting a "system not available" error message and with Natcom's phone tech support not being able to help). 

Solution for problem reactivating Natcom data plan:
1) Sms: "off" to 132 + confirm with "yes" when prompted
2) Reactivate plan, eg. Unlimited with: Sms: "mu" to 132 + confirm with "yes" when prompted

Essentailly u just turn off the data plan first with the OFF command and then re-activate what ever plan u want (MU, M1, M5, etc). And u always need to confirm by sending YES as a confirmation to the request (when prompted by sms reply by the system.

Thanks to Bully for pulling this information out of Natcom tech support guy in the Petion-Ville office (18.51508,-72.28378)!

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