[Talk-ht] Taguer les espaces agricoles comme jardins familiaux / Tagging farmlands as allotments

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Desole pour ecrire seulment en anglais. Le internet ne fonctionne pas maintenant (par-ce'que le pluit=the rain). Tu peux utiliser le http://translate.google.com (quand le net fonctionne).

Hmm. Interesting. I spotted this (allotments) tag used, today, too. I marked that together with a few others with FIXME=[my comments] tag(s) as I felt that it would be better to fix these locally ang get the new mappers to then also learn (and discuss possible local conventions for) eg.
- what's the difference between allotment, farmland, farmyard, garden, park, meadow, etc
- name=* tag should not be used for describing objects (see at least name=arbre on a number of "natural=tree"s and "natural=wood"s
- that building=yes tag should not be tagged on eg. vehicules ;)

Now, having tagged the above + some more with FIXME tags made me think if we should rather use some bug system like OpenStreetBugs or MapDust? .. Adding FIXME tags just for tagging errors (as not part of original mapper's mapping) just creates an additional (unnecessary?) version in the object. A few rounds of these may cause the history view to load slowly (and in worst case not at all). 



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