[Talk-ht] [HOT] HOT TM jobs for Sandy's affected areas in Haiti/Jos Tasking Manager de zones affectées par Sandy

frmone frmoine at gmail.com
Jeu 8 Nov 10:11:12 GMT 2012

Dear all,

If we can focus on Leoganne, OSM Haiti can cover Port Au Prince, 
tabarre, as we have seen a lot building change and it is easier for them 
to be in the field, or cross check with building done with the census data.

Normally all the data collected with reconstruction fund are coming with 
Open data license (it is writing also on some proposal), so if OSM Haiti 
can contact IOM, CNIGS, IHSI to see when we can have those data 
available on OSM, it will be great. I will continue to help as well on 
this issue.


In Fond Verettes, when I am using the validation tool I got this message:

Presets do not contain property value

Presets do not contain property key.

Those presets are the Humanitarian one.

What is it, it will be an issue to get back the data through geofabrik.

All the best fred

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