[Talk-ht] Haiti, camp import

frmone frmoine at gmail.com
Jeu 8 Nov 12:20:48 GMT 2012

Dear all,

I am working with IOM and IHSI ( Census over the most affected area, and 
tracking change inside the camp):

Who can help to:

1- Update Camp site:  every two months we are updating the camp 
situation in Haiti.  We need to remove the previous version of the camp 
layer from 2010 and put the latest one.

How we can do, to whom I need to give the data or could I do it (with an 
appropriate tag and then make a filter,select, clean and update it)

2- We have a lot of damage building point in OSM from 2010. How we can 
remove them all. As they are not updated and not useful anymore.

3- After the event, ONG, gouvernemental agency, UN received some fund to 
make some census, udpate the Admin boundaries etc..

All those data will be under an open data license (need to be confirm 
which license) at least they will be available for humanitarian purpose.
How we can integrate them into OSM if we sucess to get the authorization 
to use them.

All the best Moine Frederic

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