[Talk-ht] manual import of LSIB data to repair redaction damage to borders

Ian Villeda villeda at mapbox.com
Ven 7 Sep 19:06:25 BST 2012


I've noticed that international borders all over Central America and the Caribbean were damaged by the redaction[1].  I'm proposing a limited, manual import of USAID's LSIB data[2] to repair the border between Haiti and the DR. Data is owned and maintained by the US Federral Gov't so it is public domain (and many of existing borders look like they were originally imported from US Census Bureau or CIA data). Data look as highly resolved as the existing borders (or better), and not too node-y, although I will be sure to simplify any offending segments. 

The ogr2osm translation function[3] includes only admin_level= and boundary=administrative tags - there's no other relevant attributes in the source data. Once in josm, I plan on manually copying the way segments from the import layer into an active editing layer and manually connect imported segments to exising ways + include them in the relevant relations. I've included a sample osm file here[4] that you can review. Let me know what you think about the border repair plan and what I'm missing. thanks,

-ian villeda

[1]: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=13.14&lon=-79.5&zoom=6&layers=M
[2]: https://hiu.state.gov/data/data.aspx
[3]: https://gist.github.com/4611ee28da10ac6b99c7
[4]: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4390122/LSIB-DR-haiti.osm

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