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Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Mer 16 Jan 15:45:09 GMT 2013

Hi Shawn,

Having mapped Haiti for bit over three years now and living here for nearly
two and a half, working with different geo/mapping projects I very much
agree that -- and have been thinking a lot about -- figuring out how to
highlight the good things that are happening here.

There are some initiatives/services that work in this field but I'll leave
a commentary of the "scene" to a separate message as I'd want to get the
bigger picture (as I see it) articulated sufficiently well.

Coincidentally I just downloaded a few days ago "all" POIs of OSM Haiti
(using XAPI of an OSM mirror). It's only a 17MB (.osm) file which I have
made available here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dqzni0tr0o4h8g/Haiti%20POI%20Map%20v0.01.osm if
you want to take a look.
... Please note that this is a _live_ .osm file and any adjustments,
additions or deletions you do to it would be applied to the live OSM
database if you upload it (in JOSM or any other editor).

Talking of barber shops in specific: I like the idea ... and might actually
be able to get permission to add to OSM at least some chunk of geo-coded
barber shop locations around the country. .. Gotta see if that's possible.

I'd suggest that we continue this thread on talk-ht@ (unless there are
aspects that keep this relevant to talk@). Dunno how to set reply-to in
Gmail on single messages, though..

I'll get back to this on my behalf with more thoughts in a few days.


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On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 8:04 PM, Kate Chapman <kate at maploser.com> wrote:

> Hi Shawn,
> There is an active OpenStreetMap community in Haiti. (Some of them
> read this list).
> I've cc'd that list if you'd like to get involved there is probably
> the best place.
> Last year there was a project in St. Marc that might be of interest:
> http://hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2012-06-24_return_to_the_training_in_saint_marc_haiti_mixing_generic_and_specific_teaching_a
> http://hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2012-04-24_coming_to_a_close_in_saint_marc
> Best,
> -Kate
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 4:13 AM, Shawn Dash <sdash1845 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Dear OpenStreetMap friends of Haiti:
> >
> > A few days ago headlines about Haiti were all about the 3-year earthquake
> > anniversary.   Is that really all Haiti is?!
> >
> > I love telling my friends that there are many businesses in Haiti and
> that
> > the country actually is flourishing.    And, again, people just do not
> > believe.
> >
> > I am thinking that it would be really wonderful to create a map of the
> small
> > businesses in Haiti -- to show and prove that it is not just tents and
> > cholera.
> >
> > Let's begin a conversation about how life goes on in Haiti, how the
> county
> > is living and breathing, and how Haiti is actually standing on it's own
> and
> > moving forward.
> >
> > The headlines about Haiti should be the beauty and the life, not the
> > destruction and the aid!
> >
> > I tried to find a map of small businesses in Haiti -- and all I could
> find
> > was something in Foursquare that's nice, but it is mainly in the richer
> > areas and it is more about night-clubs and drinking and not really the
> small
> > businesses.
> >
> > I think it would be really interesting to GPS tag as many barbershops in
> > Haiti as possible, since, the barbershop -- in it's own way -- is a sign
> > that life goes on in Haiti, and that there is indeed a local economy.
> As
> > we both know, there's thousands of barbershops, everywhere, even in
> > containers!
> >
> > I am wondering if, as you are geo-mapping and geo-tagging, if there is
> > anyway to start a project show I can show my friends that Haiti is not
> just
> > disease and famine -- there is very much a living life, too!
> >
> > What do you think?
> >
> > Thank you!
> >
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