[OSM-talk-ie] The fillet of Munster

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 18:07:16 BST 2007

On 03/09/07, Christian van den Bosch <cjb at cjb.ie> wrote:

> My traces from the last two days should help there.
> http://cjb.ie/20070901.gpx.gz
> http://cjb.ie/20070902.gpx.gz
> Also uploaded on the API, but fetching the above might be less painful.

Nice - I'll look at these this evening. Can you describe the point
where motorway regulations start northbound (I think it's an off ramp
about level with the centre of Watergrasshill, but I've nothing to
back that up)?

> Did you track down the list of POI type definitions for the file? I seem
> to recall that being tricky to find before.

No :( But it's nice to know there is one. I was on the point of
assuming that you just had to infer it yourself. What about counties,
BTW? Do we have to build our own mapping by observation? (or by
cross-referencing with the actual county rows themselves).

> I'm also wondering whether we can use any of the material from my final
> year project (parsing road acts orders and correlating them with the
> above mentioned NGS/NIMA data file to produce approximations to routes)
> in the absence of GPS logs. When I find some spare time I hope to
> produce similar maps for R roads as well as N roads.

I was thinking about this - in theory we could just draw a straight
line of highway between nodes based on the statutory instruments for
tidyup as required. Snag: no guarantee that the real road would
continue to pass through the exact location of the town node. (not the
only snag, obviously).

The osm.pm library for perl-based API upload are a bit horrendous, it
must be said (and I can't get WWW::Curl to compile on my Mac).


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