[OSM-talk-ie] The fillet of Munster

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Mon Sep 3 20:09:20 BST 2007

Dermot McNally wrote:

>> Also uploaded on the API, but fetching the above might be less painful.
> Nice - I'll look at these this evening. Can you describe the point
> where motorway regulations start northbound (I think it's an off ramp
> about level with the centre of Watergrasshill, but I've nothing to
> back that up)?

Yup, about halfway between the Watergrasshill off and on ramps iirc. 
I'll try to take that up-and-down next time I head up that way actually 
(next weekend, if not before). I must also fill in the little bit of the 
N24 I missed on the way home; I followed a Cork sign a km or two too 
early, bypassing some of Cahir.

The other end starts at the roundabout where the M8 joins the old N8 
(the bypassed part of which has now been renamed and reduced to 80km/h, 
of course). I should have plenty of tracks of that route too.

I'll likely tackle the N24 and N9 from this weekend's traces myself, or 
perhaps get Shaun to do so.

I also uploaded a track from Dublin to Galway I was given by a mate - 
it's on the API, and at http://openroad.ie/ew-dub-gal.gpx.gz - perhaps 
you might fancy taking a look at that?

>> Did you track down the list of POI type definitions for the file? I seem
>> to recall that being tricky to find before.
> No :( But it's nice to know there is one. I was on the point of
> assuming that you just had to infer it yourself.

I know that feeling :-) But an exhaustive list definitely exists, if 
only I could find the bloody thing again...

> What about counties,
> BTW? Do we have to build our own mapping by observation? (or by
> cross-referencing with the actual county rows themselves).

The latter worked for me. grep -i county is a good starting point :-)

By the way...

wget http://openroad.ie/shorecrop.dat
for i in `seq 0 9` ; do grep '[^A-Z]EI[^A-Z]0'$i ei.txt > ei-0$i.txt ; done
for i in `seq 10 31` ; do grep '[^A-Z]EI[^A-Z]'$i ei.txt > ei-$i.txt ; done

and then in gnuplot...

set size ratio -1.679
plot [-10.5:-4] [51:56] "ei-00.txt" using 5:4 t "00", "ei-01.txt" using 
5:4 t "Carlow 01", "ei-02.txt" using 5:4 t "Cavan 02", "ei-03.txt" using 
5:4 t "Clare 03", "ei-04.txt" using 5:4 t "Cork 04", "ei-06.txt" using 
5:4 t "Donegal 06", "ei-07.txt" using 5:4 t "Dublin 07", "ei-10.txt" 
using 5:4 t "Galway 10", "ei-11.txt" using 5:4 t "Kerry 11", "ei-12.txt" 
using 5:4 t "Kildare 12", "ei-13.txt" using 5:4 t "Kilkenny 13", 
"ei-14.txt" using 5:4 t "Leitrim 14", "ei-15.txt" using 5:4 t "Laois 
15", "ei-16.txt" using 5:4 t "Limerick 16", "ei-18.txt" using 5:4 t 
"Longford 18", "ei-19.txt" using 5:4 t "Louth 19", "ei-20.txt" using 5:4 
t "Mayo 20", "ei-21.txt" using 5:4 t "Meath 21", "ei-22.txt" using 5:4 t 
"Monaghan 22", "ei-23.txt" using 5:4 t "Offaly 23", "ei-24.txt" using 
5:4 t "Roscommon 24", "ei-25.txt" using 5:4 t "Sligo 25", "ei-26.txt" 
using 5:4 t "Tipperary 26", "ei-27.txt" using 5:4 t "Waterford 27", 
"ei-29.txt" using 5:4 t "Westmeath 29", "ei-30.txt" using 5:4 t "Wexford 
30", "ei-31.txt" using 5:4 t "Wicklow 31", "shorecrop.dat" using 1:2 
with lines t ""

Note the gaps in the numbering which in some cases correspond (roughly) 
with where one might expect Northern counties to fall alphabetically!

> I was thinking about this - in theory we could just draw a straight
> line of highway between nodes based on the statutory instruments for
> tidyup as required. Snag: no guarantee that the real road would
> continue to pass through the exact location of the town node. (not the
> only snag, obviously).

Yup - I think I identified something like a dozen different issues with 
this approach in http://openroad.ie/openroad.pdf (pp 26 et seq) - but it 
still seems worthwhile doing in the absence of other data (p.33 shows a 
plot of national roads generated by this method).

> The osm.pm library for perl-based API upload are a bit horrendous, it
> must be said (and I can't get WWW::Curl to compile on my Mac).

Can't help you there I'm afraid, I'm neither a perl nor a Mac head. 
Gareth on the other hand... Gar?

Christian / cjb


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