[OSM-talk-ie] The fillet of Munster

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Mon Sep 3 21:51:23 BST 2007

Dermot McNally wrote:

> I've already uploaded the new information for the northern end (with
> northbound off ramp bearing left and up to a second roundabout). Is
> this a dumbbell interchange with two roundabouts joined by a bridge
> (or underpass?) with the carriageways flaring and the intention to
> push the mainline north under (or over) the bridge? if so there's one
> adjustment I still need to make.

Spot on. Looks like the M8 is to continue under the bridge. Currently 
the northbound carriageway splits into both roundabouts (with vigorous 
signposting to use both lanes for both Fermoy and Dublin), and the 
southbound is only linked from one.

>> I'll likely tackle the N24 and N9 from this weekend's traces myself, or
>> perhaps get Shaun to do so.
> I'm already started on doing that from one of the traces - I'm just
> uploading the old route through Mitchelstown (and the little bit you
> drove north of the bypass).

I've taken the bypass before (and again, I have logs of that, somewhere) 
so this time I followed the old route; next weekend I'll take the bypass 
again en route to Scotland, and upload the log before I lose it :-)

> If the API ever finishes, I've already
> broken the rest of that GPX into portions (JOSM doesn't like that much
> data at once). It's virgin territory once I clear Cahir (or is that
> Caher), so it'll be very quick, API permitting. If anyone else wants
> to start, I'd suggest starting at the north and working south (ideally
> off your southbound trace, since the M9 is currently only present
> northbound). We can then co-ordinate so we meet in the middle.

Realistically I'm not going to find time in the next two weeks for a 
variety of reasons, so anyone else is more than welcome to pitch in.

> I'll certainly look at the Loughrea section, since the existing N6 as
> mapped goes through the town. Also west of Oranmore, which I chickened
> out of last time.

I should have an old log from Cork to Galway too, and many from Cork to 
Limerick (return journeys all). Remind me to have a dig for those if I 
haven't already uploaded them to the API.

Christian / cjb


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