[OSM-talk-ie] The fillet of Munster

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Tue Sep 4 11:28:57 BST 2007

Dermot McNally wrote:

>> I should have an old log from Cork to Galway too, and many from Cork to
>> Limerick (return journeys all). Remind me to have a dig for those if I
>> haven't already uploaded them to the API.

Right, found some old CSV files which I've turned into GPX - missing 
timestamps and altitudes, so can't upload them to the API, but still 
usable in JOSM - though gpsbabel is a bit horrid about turning CSV into 
GPX, it turns everything into waypoints instead of tracks, which is a 
bit horrid to use in JOSM as it doesn't join the dots, and has to render 
lots of waypoint names - I might try and find a moment later to play 
with sed and produce something a bit more JOSM-friendly, but anyway, the 
files as they currently stand are at: http://openroad.ie/csv-gpx/

This includes the 'other half' of the N24 (Limerick to N8) both ways.

This weekend I'll get the westbound bit of the N24 from Cahir to the N8 
that I missed last weekend, and I'll note the name of the link road I took.

When that's all done, Limerick and Waterford will be reachable from each 
other. Now, I wonder where my old logs of the N25 and N11 are...

Christian / cjb


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