[OSM-talk-ie] N24, N9, M9(n), N10

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 12:46:35 BST 2007


Subject to rendering delays, the following interurbans are now well advanced:

N9: North of Waterford (at junction with N24) all the way north to
start of M9. Some bockety bits remain, mostly in towns by the looks of
it. Most roundabouts encountered en route have been left as per the
trail, so cleanup will need to be tackled gradually (a few traces
involving 360s of roundabouts will help with this).

M9: Northbound carriageway complete.

N10: Southern half complete

N24: Cahir Bypass via Clonmel Bypass to north of Waterford at N9
junction. Same comment about roundabouts, cleanups and bockety urban

Have fun,

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