[OSM-talk-ie] [OSM-talk] All places in Ireland - GNS Data now accessible!

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Sat Sep 15 09:02:09 BST 2007

>Anything's got to be better than the GNS approach of "include the same 
>POI two or possibly three times in different languages apparently at 
>random", though I guess this relates to the quality of the source 
>material used by the NGA. It would be interesting to know the copyright 
>status of this source material.

I believe the NGA data is sourced from each of the national Geographical names boards. The Australian file has the same data as that available from the Australian Geographical Names board. 

Be aware that this data is typically recorded to the nearest minute of lat/lon and so you are looking at a typical mean error of roughly 1 km on any given point. You will find that all the POI's will line up into a 1 minute square grid (which will be rectangular except on the equator).

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