[OSM-talk-ie] GNS Data as .osm file

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 16:06:19 BST 2007

OK, some more progress on this:

I've extended my code so it outputs .osm format, ready for opening
directly in JOSM. The following archive contains new code plus the
resulting .osm file (in data/):


Having compared the placements of known places with the Yahoo images,
I can confirm Brent's comment about poor accuracy. But it's
educational: I always wondered why Google Earth considered Dublin to
be centred on Upper Leeson St. and now I know.

My opinion: even at this level of accuracy, this data represents an
enormous boost to our map. It will mean that there is practically
nowhere in RoI where you won't be able to orient yourself (albeit to a
coarse granularity) even at high zoom levels. It will increase the
motivation of mappers around the country to add stuff (or to increase
the accuracy of what we upload).

I think we should upload this ASAP - but I'll pause to let the rest of
you open this up in JOSM and see if anybody wants to dissuade me :-)


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