[OSM-talk-ie] Practicalities and philosophies

Paul Cunnane paul at cunnane.net
Fri Apr 25 16:35:37 BST 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 15:51 +0100, Paul Cunnane wrote:

> The 76C is a different beast to the other models. I downloaded the
> source, did some debugging, and established that the product ID is 123.
> I hacked in some code, which works - up to a point. I can download
> waypoints from the 76C, but can't upload maps to it.

It gets worse :(

The laptop that I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 was the PC I was using to
copy tracks from the Garmin, because it recognised the Garmin as a USB-
to-serial converter, so I could do things like gpsbabel -f /dev/ttyUSB0
and read the tracks directly from the serial port.

Now the laptop is the same as my desktop: it only recognises the Garmin
as a USB device, and doesn't create a serial port.

It seems that my hacked qlandkarte can read the tracks from the Garmin
and write them in .gpx format, so at least I should be able to continue


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