[OSM-talk-ie] Achill

Paul Cunnane paul at cunnane.net
Tue Jun 3 16:28:42 BST 2008

I've mapped much of Achill Island, including the entire R319. I'm
planning to trawl through the SIs to identify all R-roads in Mayo, and
prioritise mapping them - I reckon we have most of them now, so it would
be nice (once the last of the N59 is corrected) to have all N- and
R-roads in Mayo complete.

I've also figured out how to do some things I hadn't known how to do in
JOSM, and how to make it more responsive, which should improve my

Finally, I've got a tiles at home client running, so I'm contributing
something at that level. I had hoped to improve (however slightly) the
speed of re-rendering the Osmarender layer, but it seems the bottleneck
is at the server. Ah well.


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