[OSM-talk-ie] Achill

Paul Cunnane paul at cunnane.net
Wed Jun 4 19:59:50 BST 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 21:47 +0100, Dermot McNally wrote:

> This is an important trick for long-distance mapping. There are those
> who frown on it, but a lot of my mapping is of long roads with little
> variation and there's no way I'm about to trace 100km of that.

Amen: 311km mapped today (much of it duplicate, but much new) and I'd
hate to have hand-traced it.

>  Have
> you installed the utils plugin and got simplify way working? You may
> want to tune its simplification parameters, since I found it a little
> too aggressive in default mode. But do get it installed if you haven't
> already, since it's fairly well a prerequisite when automatically
> converting GPX trails.

I had it installed, and agree that it was a little aggressive. The only
knob I found to tweak (after some searching) was simplify-way.max-error
which seems to be working fairly well set to 50.

> Achill is looking good. I've just adjusted the location of the
> coastline of the island, BTW.

I'm glad you took it on - I figured it needed to be done, but couldn't
pluck up the courage to do it. :)

The bridge as mapped is about the extent of the actual over-water
structure (which is currently being rebuilt), but there's a certain
amount of what I guess you'd describe as causeway leading up to it,
mostly from the mainland. I'm in two minds whether to mark the whole
thing as bridge, which would make more sense in the context of the
coastlines as drawn.

Anyhoo: today I mapped the N83, and got it right this time. I've also
corrected the N59 from Sligo to Ballina. Some of the existing road is
R-road, but I'm not sure how much and where, so I've left most of it as
tertiary for now. I figured 200km out of my way was enough dedication
for one day!


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