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Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 21:39:02 BST 2008

2008/6/4 Paul Cunnane <paul at cunnane.net>:

> I had it installed, and agree that it was a little aggressive. The only
> knob I found to tweak (after some searching) was simplify-way.max-error
> which seems to be working fairly well set to 50.

That's the boy.

> I'm glad you took it on - I figured it needed to be done, but couldn't
> pluck up the courage to do it. :)

Osmarender seems to have updated things in the last few hours, and I'm
fairly happy with the result. It'll take a long time to get the whole
coastline recalibrated, but baby steps, I think. The drumlins in Clew
Bay will be a bugger. It can only really be done in areas where you
can get some visible (on landsat) roads mapped nearby.

> The bridge as mapped is about the extent of the actual over-water
> structure (which is currently being rebuilt), but there's a certain
> amount of what I guess you'd describe as causeway leading up to it,
> mostly from the mainland. I'm in two minds whether to mark the whole
> thing as bridge, which would make more sense in the context of the
> coastlines as drawn.

I would leave it as a bridge. Often a causeway has verges that might
be of interest, but will anyone ever really care what's under the
roadway in this case?

> Anyhoo: today I mapped the N83, and got it right this time. I've also
> corrected the N59 from Sligo to Ballina. Some of the existing road is
> R-road, but I'm not sure how much and where, so I've left most of it as
> tertiary for now. I figured 200km out of my way was enough dedication
> for one day!

Wayhay! I've taken the liberty of retagging the N59 as primary (since
secondary != national secondary), but if I'm not wrong you've now
completed the national road network in Mayo. In fact, the only gap in
Connacht is now Portumna-Loughrea on the N65.

I've updated the table accordingly.


Iren sind menschlich

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