[OSM-talk-ie] Tagging questions

Paul Cunnane paul at cunnane.net
Fri Jun 6 18:52:51 BST 2008

I notice a number of tertiary-class roads around here are starting to be labeled with their "L" number on signposts. Is it worth putting corresponding "ref" tags on OSM?

Also, a question about level crossings - I've been using shared nodes to indicate that they are a feature of both the road and the railway where they occur. Is this best practice? I only do so when I'm fairly confident of the location, such as when I've marked them with a waypoint.

Finally, any best-practice ideas for deciding whether a road is "tertiary" or "unclassified"? I've tended to mark a road as "tertiary" if it's of any value for getting around, reserving "unclassified" for the type of road where cars need to inch past each other, or reverse for delivery vans.

Open to ideas.


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