[OSM-talk-ie] Proposed automated edit for automatic irish translation

Andrew McCarthy me at andrewmccarthy.ie
Tue Nov 4 17:25:20 GMT 2008

Hi Rory,

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 03:42:56PM +0000, Rory McCann wrote:
> I've an idea for a potential automated edit for Ireland. And in keeping
> with good OSM practice, I'm opening it up for discussion before I make
> any changes.
> Basically there are some streets with and Irish and English name (ie
> name and name:ga tags) and some street with only an English name (ie
> name tag only). Most of the time the Irish translation for a street name
>  depends on the English name, so if there is a street called X in
> English and Y in Irish, then it's most likely that another street in
> another town called X would also be called Y in Irish.
> I've written a programme that goes through an osm file and figures out
> these missing names. I've found about 500 ways that can have an irish
> name added to them.
> If there are 2 ways with the same english name and different irish names
> then that english name is not used for translating. This is a protection
> against english names that can have more than one translation.
> Any comments?

This sounds like a neat idea. Perhaps a small addition would be to add a
note to highlight that this was automatically translated, something
like: "note=FIXME: confirm automatic irish translation" (making sure not
to clobber an existing note)? It's potentially something that could be
run every month or two.

As a further idea, if you could produce a list of those places that have
the same English name but different Irish translations, it might be
useful for highlighting mistakes that somebody more fluent than me could
double-check. Some might be typos, but many Irish translations are
inconsistent even between signs on the same street, or are just plain

After some more controversial automated edits, a code of conduct
appeared, but I think your program sounds fine to me:



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