[OSM-talk-ie] L-roads terrible signing or the lack thereof.

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.dk
Fri Nov 14 22:33:48 GMT 2008

robin grindrod wrote:
> Hi,
> I have no idea where to find out the reference numbers. You could try
> contacting your local county council but I don't know whether they ill
> give you this information or not as I think their information comes
> from Ordnance Survey Ireland. Wikipedia says the following on L roads:
> Other roads (Local Roads) are not generally referred to by number, but
> are registered with a four- or five-digit "L" number, taking the form
> Lxxxx. It is rare to see these numbers on signposts or Ordnance Survey
> maps, although as of 2006 the Department of the Environment, Heritage
> and Local Government have begun a programme of new signage for
> regional roads that will incorporate local road numbers on directional
> signage.

I know the wikipedia article alright. And correct, the L-numbers are 
included on directional signs, if they have been replaced at some point 
or, but this is even more rare and I've only seen it in a few places 
around Roscommon and East Galway, specific signs have been set  up (left 
and right of the road) stating the L-numbers, but often only where it 
starts and maybe where it ends. Beyond that zilch.

> I think these roads should marked as tertiary even if you don't know
> the reference number. 

Well, the issue is to determine wether they are L-roads or not. As you 
know yourself most likely, L-roads can be anything from two lane roads 
as wide as national or secondary roads to little dinky one lane roads 
with grass growing in the middle, but these roads could be as well not 
be L-roads, but simply residential roads. The unclassified road (instead 
of "no preset") kindda covers the situation, where it's unkown.

> If you do find a source for these reference
> numbers please tell us.

Sure will. Might have to poke the lads down in Galway CoCo and see, what 
the story is.


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