[OSM-talk-ie] L-roads terrible signing or the lack thereof.

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.dk
Mon Nov 17 00:37:22 GMT 2008

Dermot McNally wrote:
> 2008/11/16 Martin List-Petersen <martin at list-petersen.dk>:
>> I can live with the definition that all unclassified roads are tertiary
>> roads. In Ireland tertiary roads aren't more "routy", but they also can
>> be single lane roads :)
> No, that's not what I'm suggesting at all. What I'm saying is that all
> roads are at least L-roads. What I'm also saying is that some should
> be tagged as tertiary and others as unclassified, based on a judgement
> call of how reasonable it would be to use that road as part of a
> through route to somewhere.

Eh. You don't really hear my opinion on irish L-routes as alternative to 
anything :)

I've been living in rural Co. Galway for over 3 years and in the winter 
the L-roads become non-existant, because they flood :)

>> Should we add the requirement, that a tertiary road brings you from one
>> place to another (so it's no dead end) ?
> I don't think so. Especially where a road leads to, say, a village on
> a peninsula, you'll get roads that are important enough to be tertiary
> (or higher) even though they may end once they reach the village.

Obviously, everything within reason. My question was simply to get an 
idea of the common opinion on tertiary roads or the lack thereof.

I've been mapping a lot of the "backroads" around Co. Galway and 
Roscommon in the last weeks, a lot of it will be on the Mapnik maps on 
wednesday and obviously the preference is, that it's mapped in a useful 

I've also updated roads, that others mapped, with the respective L-road 
numbering, where it's available.

Obviously any mapping done by me or others can always be improved and 
thus, I also try to always improve the way I do things.

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

Communication is the beginning of understanding
   -- AT&T

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