[OSM-talk-ie] L-roads terrible signing or the lack thereof.

Martin List-Petersen martin at list-petersen.dk
Mon Nov 17 20:18:25 GMT 2008

robin grindrod wrote:
> Ya, Galway is really taking shape. I have done a lot of the west side
> of the city and I am now starting on the east side. 
I've concentrated more on the rural bits, as I'm just south of Roscommon 
and only drive around rural Galway mostly. I've been around Shrule, 
Glenncorrib and Headford today, so I'm going to make a few adjustments. 
I saw a few stretches, that weren't mapped (Mom is great for that craig 
on the cellphone) and a few others were off, or a bit too rough.

I found, that it really helps having a bit better quality GPS receiver. 
The internal ones in the Nokia's definatly don't hack it for OSM mapping.

I will also get a good bit in Connemara done end of this week, hopefully.

As for Galway city, it definatly starts to look good, there's very few 
places I've found missing bits.

> However I was messing with the River Corrib estuary and it now longer seem to
> display properly on the map. It may be something to do with the fact
> that that I that I used the multipolygon relation for Jordan's Island
> but I did the same thing with a lake on the east side of the city
> (Lough Inch, I think) and that displays fine. I think all of the ways
> are in the correct direction. Can anyone shed any light on this

I've so far only kept myself to roads and services, so I wouldn't 
comment on that :)


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