[OSM-talk-ie] L-roads terrible signing or the lack thereof.

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 20:39:53 GMT 2008

2008/11/17 robin grindrod <robingrindrod at gmail.com>:

> of the city and I am now starting on the east side. However I was
> messing with the River Corrib estuary and it now longer seem to
> display properly on the map. It may be something to do with the fact
> that that I that I used the multipolygon relation for Jordan's Island
> but I did the same thing with a lake on the east side of the city
> (Lough Inch, I think) and that displays fine. I think all of the ways

Yup, I can help. I've made what ought to be the necessary change. You
had omitted the inner and outer roles from the relation members.
You've also done something else that's contrary to what the pure
multipolygon concept intends, but may be required as sugar for Mapnik
to render as you intend (yuck, tagging for the renderer): you've
tagged the island as land, which, as a "hole" in the water, should not
be required.


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