[OSM-talk-ie] L-roads terrible signing or the lack thereof.

robin grindrod robingrindrod at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 20:48:07 GMT 2008

> Yup, I can help. I've made what ought to be the necessary change. You
> had omitted the inner and outer roles from the relation members.
> You've also done something else that's contrary to what the pure
> multipolygon concept intends, but may be required as sugar for Mapnik
> to render as you intend (yuck, tagging for the renderer): you've
> tagged the island as land, which, as a "hole" in the water, should not
> be required.
> Dermot

Thanks very much for your help. Sorry if this is a stupid question but
this is the first time I have used relations, what exactly do you mean
by inner and outer roles?
Thanks again,

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