[OSM-talk-ie] Tagging holy wells

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 22:23:36 BST 2008

2008/9/13 Patrick Casey <pcasey at compuserve.com>:

> Re. the creation of tags, I, as a newbie, am becoming confused here. I
> thought the idea of tags was to create standardised descriptions which would
> help renderers assign symbols and position legends on a map. This is clearly
> not the case if creation of tags by beginners like me is allowed.

A few points here - firstly, since there's no hierarchy in OSM, the
system doesn't have any notion of newbie V experienced mapper. This is
in keeping with the wikipedia model which OSM has looked to copy in
certain areas. You're certainly correct that it is the Right Thing to
try to tag your real-world items where possible with tags that others
have used for those same items. Your reward for this is that your
stuff will be more likely to appear on the standard rendered maps - if
you're the sort of mapper who insists on tagging road=motorway instead
of highway=motorway, you'll pretty much need to write your own
renderer to see that on a map. Furthermore, you won't see anybody
else's motorways either, so it's lose lose.

That said, the OSM model is deliberately open, in order that it can
cater for anything that crops up in the real world, even the things we
haven't thought of yet. Your holy wells are a good example. If it
turns out that nobody else has ever had to tag one before, it's up to
you to come up with a reasonable tagging scheme, preferably one
consistent with precedent. If others also wish to tag holy wells, they
should consider your scheme and whether it does what they need.
Ideally, any changes they feel necessary are ones that you'll all
discuss and get happy with. Occasionally, agreement proves difficult
and we end up with more than one scheme. I did say it was an

> P.S. I loved the one about the moving statue, had me spluttering my evening
> gin and tonic into my keyboard.

Hmm, sorry about that, I should have timed it better.

> P.P.S. What does Class 2 mean ?

As Kevin has pointed out, it means that I'm a Father Ted fan. In it,
their local relic is upgraded from a class 3 to a class 2 relic.


Iren sind menschlich

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