[OSM-talk-ie] Tagging holy wells

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
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Hi Paddy,

Never having created a proposal myself, I've had a look. The template
shown inline on the proposal page may make a little more sense if you
go into edit mode on an existing proposal page. It's still a bit heavy
in places, though, and even working out what to name it will require
familiarity with other pages on the OSM wiki that themselves deal with
keys, values and other elements of the OSM data structure.

I was looking to see if I could create a shell of a page for you to
work with. I've chosen not to, though, since I hit an obstacle at the
very beginning, when trying to name the page. You've gone with
"amenity=holy_well", rather than anything based on my (not considered)
religion top-level key. It may be that the very first thing that
happens once you kick off discussion on the talk mailing list is for
people to quickly decide that it belongs in a category other than
amenity - if you agree, you'll then end up rebuilding the proposal

My suggestion is that you post a request for comments to the talk
list, outlining your suggestion more or less as you did here, probably
mentioning grottoes, moving statues, holy stones and anything else you
feel might help drive a usable tagging scheme. Once the idea is
validated somewhat, it would be a good time to go to the effort of
creating a proposal page.


2008/9/14 Patrick Casey <pcasey at compuserve.com>:
> Thanks, Dermot.
> So the proposal for a holy well will be
> natural = spring
> historic = monument
> amenity = holy_well
> religion = christian
> denomination = catholic
> name = Tobereenatemple
> Regarding the proposal on Wiki I'm stumped. I've read the "Creating a
> proposal" page and its sub-pages carefully and have seen the template there
> but I can't understand the template nor how to use it nor how to create a
> page nor how to create the link that is advised. If there were a form to
> fill out I could do that but this 'creation of a page' thing is beyond me. I
> guess there are some very basic Wiki principles here to which I am not yet
> privy. Maybe I should go to Wiki school or something.
> Paddy
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> 2008/9/14 Patrick Casey <pcasey at compuserve.com>:
>>  Is there some preferred place in the
>> Wiki or somewhere else in the OSM world where one can post proposed
> tagging
>> such as the holy wells so that, if there are no objections, the proposed
>> Holy Well Tagset gets moved into the main list of tags ? Or would it
> simply
>> be best for me to post it on the Ireland wiki under 2. Tagging features /
>> 2.2 Other features ? Where is the best place to put it so that people who
>> are likely to tag holy wells (large community, that) are likely to find
> it.
> Your best bet is a proposal on wiki:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Creating_a_proposal
> You want things like this to have global reach, so it would be a
> mistake to stay parochial on it, unless the feature really is one that
> only exists in Ireland (like maxspeed=60, legal_limit=yes,
> please_be_advised=yes).
>> natural = spring
>> historic = monument
> Fine
>> amenity = holy well
> No, don't put a space in the value. It's legal, just not done.
>> religion = christian
> Yup
>> denomination = Roman Catholic
> No, on two counts - firstly, lowercase letters are preferred as an aid
> to memory (OSM is case-sensitive), secondly because 'catholic' is the
> standard way to designate RC (even it it's technically ambiguous).
> But you've absolutely got the right idea.
> Dermot
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