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I switched on my IRGPS here in Switzerland ( = asked a friend in Clare whose
husband worked in Kilrush for n years) and established that "......there is
indeed a Vandeleur St in Kilrush and it has been one-way (going in towards
the town) for the past few years....."

Also, I see from
html that "......in 2007...Vandeleur Street was completely resurfaced......"
(by the way, that page contains a number of snippets which might be relevant
to mapping in Kilrush such as ".....Throughout 2007 work continued on the
pilot phase of the regeneration works, with back lanes eliminated, gardens
lengthened and boundary walls erected. Vacant houses at Willow Green were
demolished and work began on the renovation and construction of the new
housing development at Willow Green......".

Is that any help ?


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2008/9/15 Paul Cunnane <paul at cunnane.net>:

> Google Maps and Yahoo Maps seem to show the N68 talking a different
> route, turning right at the start of the one-way section (which does
> seem to be Vandeleur Street). My old Discovery map seems to show it
> going straight into town, along Vandeleur.

I saw that too. Of course, we can't use these sources in the absence
of on-the-ground evidence. Especially when our one official source,
the SI, disagrees with it. A question to the NRA or Clare Co. Co.
should bear fruit - and in the meanwhile, I'm still going to call the
route complete :)

> I'm going to speculate that Vandeleur was fairly recently made one-way,
> and the N68 was re-routed accordingly along the adjacent street.

Maybe - or maybe it's a creative and pragmatic solution on the part of
other map-makers. A drawback is that urban signage in town this size
is often outdated or just generally poor. So where you'd like to trust
that a sign pointing to "N68" meant "this road _is_ the N68, it might
just as easily mean that the sign designer forgot to use brackets. For
this reason, the key to properly finishing the classified roads within
towns is to map the towns complete with street names (which don't
usually change) and one-way systems (which do, but you can usually
read about that on council web sites). Armed with this information,
the rest can be filled in by pestering the NRA and council.

> It seems my trip was in vain, at least from an OSM perspective. :(

I disagree. But it does mean that another trip will be worthwhile at
some point. Maybe one of Paddy's IRGPS-using friends can give us the
local run-down (and provide a primary source of the name of your
one-way street).


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