[OSM-talk-ie] phpMyGPX

Ken Guest ken at linux.ie
Thu Apr 30 10:22:04 BST 2009

I don't know if there is much of an overlap between the Open Street Map
people in Ireland and those that are in the Irish PHP Users Group, but I
thought this might be worth mentioning to both (plus a bit of
cross-pollination may not be the worst thing ;-) )

http://osm.erlkoenigkabale.eu/phpmygpx.php got a mention on
blogs.openstreetmap.org this morning - it's a tool for managing your own gpx
files; the log files that are created when you trace your route with a GPS
unit. It seems to be an interesting little application and I thought I'd
pass on the news that version 0.2 of it has been released, with these new

Some features were added:
- automatic check for updates
- protection for database on public hosts with admin login
- dynamic links on map page to OSB, keepright! and local JOSM editor
- more stats for GPX files: track distance, time, speed (experimental)

Something for interested souls to help hack on ;-)



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