[OSM-talk-ie] Importing CVS

Richard Cantwell manaboutcouch at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 22:56:20 BST 2009

2009/10/7 Karl Grant <karlgrant06 at gmail.com>

> I explained the openstreetmap principle to the engineer involved and she
> saw
> no problems with it, there's certainly no OSI licences involved.
This might not be relevant, but is there any chance that the data was
somehow 'derived' from OSi data.  By that I mean might the county engineer
have originally worked on OSi road centreline data to generate the road
numbering scheme?

I haven't seen the issue of derived data come up here in Ireland before, but
it is a VERY big issue over in the UK.  OSGB has a stranglehold over huge
swathes of Local Authority data all because it was digitised off or
generated from OSGB mapping.  I would imagine you would need to get the
statement in writing from the engineer in question that the LA has full
ownership and rights to the data (and furthermore is placing the data into
the public domain / some other form that OSM can use)

If OSi get wind of this they might start issuing strongly worded letters to
data managers in LA's asserting ownership over all sorts of derived data,
which would be unfortunate to say the least.

In summary - I might be paranoid, but caution needed.



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