[OSM-talk-ie] Importing CVS

Karl Grant karlgrant06 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 23:48:11 BST 2009

On Wednesday 07 October 2009 22:56:20 Richard Cantwell wrote:
> 2009/10/7 Karl Grant <karlgrant06 at gmail.com>
> > I explained the openstreetmap principle to the engineer involved and she
> > saw
> > no problems with it, there's certainly no OSI licences involved.
> This might not be relevant, but is there any chance that the data was
> somehow 'derived' from OSi data.  By that I mean might the county engineer
> have originally worked on OSi road centreline data to generate the road
> numbering scheme?
> I haven't seen the issue of derived data come up here in Ireland before,
> but it is a VERY big issue over in the UK.  OSGB has a stranglehold over
> huge swathes of Local Authority data all because it was digitised off or
> generated from OSGB mapping.  I would imagine you would need to get the
> statement in writing from the engineer in question that the LA has full
> ownership and rights to the data (and furthermore is placing the data into
> the public domain / some other form that OSM can use)
> If OSi get wind of this they might start issuing strongly worded letters to
> data managers in LA's asserting ownership over all sorts of derived data,
> which would be unfortunate to say the least.
> In summary - I might be paranoid, but caution needed.
Okay, I'll take the paranoid approach, I should be able to tag roads using it,
(if I don't upload it) because the road references are public domain. 
I'll inform the group when I have the data transformed into OSM / GPX and if 
anyone is in the Longford area I'll email it to them.

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