[OSM-talk-ie] map scanning, etc

Larry O'Neill larryoneill at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 13:10:55 BST 2009


I scan maps.
Not in a sophisticated way.
It's something I'm just starting on.
I am setting up a WMS server for the maps I scan.
So far I have about 30 1910's era 6 inch and 25 inch maps, and I'm
scanning bit by bit.
The server isn't up yet, but it's getting there.
I'm looking into the possibilities of getting more than I currently have by:

a) looking in university map archived as suggested on the #osm-ie IRC channel
b) talking to other people who might have access to personal collections.

I'm starting small enough, and I'm not setting my goals too far out
for now, but it would be nice to be able to serve up the first such
survey of an entire country ever completed, making it available for
For now my 1910's era maps will be a starting point.
I have rectified some already using geothings, but I dont consider it
to be good enough yet:



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