[OSM-talk-ie] Survey of British and Irish Hillforts

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Fri Jul 12 10:25:34 UTC 2013

On 11 July 2013 01:04, Webmaster <webmaster at killyfole.org.uk> wrote:
> Hi list,
> I just came across this:
> The Atlas of Hillforts Project has just been awarded £950,000 from the Arts
> and Humanities Research Council to try and remedy this situation. The
> Project will collect, collate and present data on hillforts across the UK
> and Ireland providing, for the first time, an integrated resource to serve
> research into this important monument type. It will run for four years from
> September 1st 2012 and has Researchers and PhD students based in both Oxford
> (responsible for England and Wales) and Edinburgh (responsible for Scotland,
> Northern Ireland and Ireland).
> http://www.arch.ox.ac.uk/hillforts-atlas-survey.html
> Would there be anyone on the list interested in this?  Also, maybe touching
> base with them and seeing if the information collected could be used with
> OSM?  I personally would be interested in mapping hill forts in my area.

It surely is something that I'd consider surveying as I go (no time
for proactive surveying these days), but the website raises a few
* How does work get coordinated ? I can't see a place to download the
current data, or a place to say "I'm going to survey this", or a
progress/completeness report.
* What license will the data be released as ? This could make or break
my will to contribute.

In any case, it'd be good to point them towards OSM (and the odbl).
They seem willing to "disseminate the data" via GoogleEarth and
Wikipedia, so it seems natural that they'd want the data in OSM too.

In fact, looking at the actual formular that they ask you to fill for
each hillfort, the information could pretty much all fit in osm tags
and geometry. They could probably get away with using the OSM
infrastructure (db, editors, overpass api, slippy map) to get 90% of
their IT work done.

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