[OSM-talk-ie] OpenStreetMap is 10 years old this Sat - Meetup?

Dave Corley davecorley at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 02:52:31 UTC 2014

Hi all,

So OSM is 10 years old this Sat and groups are meeting up all over the
world to celebrate and I think we should too.

This was spoken about loosely at the last meetup and seeing as its only a
few days away we should probably start seeing about nailing down details.

I know Rory is away on holidays so I don't know what the story is with
having a meetup during the day in Tóg, Maybe if you are still checking
mails Rory, you could let us know the lay of the land on this side of

In the event there is not to be a daytime meetup (or even if there is), I
would suggest we return to what seems to have become "the regular spot",
The Bull & Castle, and meet there around 6 in the evening for some beers
and mappy chat.

I'll see if I can rummage up a cake too :)

So....who's up for it?


OSM - DaCor
Twitter - DaCor_ie

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